Welcome to TV Vision Limited

Our Company was originally incorporated as TV Vision Private Limited on July 30, 2007 and was converted into a public limited company on June 23, 2011. We are engaged in the business of broadcasting and content production.

Our Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of SABTNL which has an experience of more than 16 years in the Indian M&E industry. SABTNL is engaged in the business of content production and syndication. It was engaged in the business of broadcasting and operated a channel named "SAB TV", which was later hived off by selling to SET Satellite (Singapore) Pte Limited (a group Company of SONY Corp.) in the year 2005.

Our Company launched a Music and Comedy Channel viz. "Mastiii" in July, 2010. The commercial operation of the channel was started from September, 2010. Our programming involves comedy gags interwoven with Hindi songs. Based on the viewer's profile during different time bands, our channel telecasts a mix of old and new Hindi songs. It offers a mix of Hindi music with comic satire & skits in various formats such as gags, jokes, spoofs etc. Typically, Hindi songs telecasted by us are licensed from third parties while the comedy gags are produced in-house and acquired from third parties. We have engaged various artists, script writers, directors & technicians who help us in producing quality content to attract viewership. Our Company is ably supported by the network and programming experience of SABTNL, by virtue of it being our Promoter and holding company.

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